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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Learn English - numbers 0-20

Watch the video and practise counting 1-20.

Now play hangman and revise the spelling of numbers 1-20.

Friday, 23 October 2015

The alphabet

Watch this video. Elmo, from Sesame Street , teaches you the English Alphabet. Listen and repeat after him.

Do this online Letters quiz(Haz click en "play" para escuchar la letra y elige la opción correcta)

This video has three parts.
1. Listen to  some people in the street saying the alphabet.
2. Listen to  some people in the street spelling their names. Can you understand them? Write them down. 
3. At the end of the video you can watch part 2 again with subtitles. Check your answers.

Este video tiene 3 partes:
1. Escucha a algunas personas en la calle diciendo el alfabeto.
2. Escucha a algunas personas en la calle deletreando sus nombres. ¿Puedes entenderles? Escríbelos.
3. Al final del video puedes volver a ver la segunda parte con subtítulos. Comprueba

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter revision

Revise Grammar & Vocabulary

Present Simple - Daily routines: English Language  (Watch the video and revise the present simple. It's really good!)
The Opposites Song
Days of the Week Song - 7 Days of the Week - Children's Songs by The Learning Station
Months of the Year Song - 12 Months of the Year - Kids Songs by The Learning Station
SEASONS SONG ♫ | Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
Listen to Numbers
Listen to Ordinal Numbers
Listen: Prepositions in/on/at (of place)
Prepositions Of Time  
Connectors And Sequencers    Test

Work on Pronunciation

Click on the sounds. Listen & repeat. Vowels    Diphthongs    Consonants    More consonants

Revise vocabulary:  Choose a topic and practise the words

Text-to-Speech (It's fantastic!)
1st Enter Text: Type a word , phrase, question or sentence. e.g. `Where do you live?´
2nd Select Voice    e.g. Hugh (UK). 
3rd Click Say it
4th Listen and repeat. 

The Sounds of English (BBC Learning English) (Click on a sound you find difficult and watch the  video)