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Monday, 24 February 2014


  • Asking questions in present simple:
          Simple Present: Yes/No Questions (ASI)   WH Questions  (QASI)

         Match questions & answers      Present simple questions, negatives

         Form the correct sentence and question in the present simple.
  • Listening: 
         How big is your family? (Do the video quiz and when you finish, listen and 
         read the transcript).

Saturday, 1 February 2014

File 3B: What do you have for breakfast?


Present simple: we, you, they   
Present simple (+) (-) 1
Present simple (+) (-) 2
Present simple (?) 1
Present simple (?) 2

Consonants   More consonants  
               Stress Monsters

  • Are you hungry?  Do you want something to eat?  

              Audio words     Food 1    Food 2      Fruit      Vegetables

                Breakfast      Drinks   Fast food   At the café     Fruit       Vegetables      
(Arrastra con el ratón las palabras de la izquierda hasta la foto correcta. Cuando termines, haz click en New game).