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Thursday, 24 April 2014

What's the date? & Listen to Boney M-Calendar Song

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What's the date today? It's  23rd April  (the twenty-third of April)
When's your birthday? On  12th February (the twelfth of February)
When's your English Exam? On June 2nd (the second of June)

Remember: to say a date you need ordinal numbers and months of the year.
First, see pages 50 and 110 in your books and revise them.
Second, click on the pictures to hear the words. 
Thirdput the mouse on each ordinal number, listen and repeat (=poned el ratón sobre cada número, escuchad y repetid)
Fourth, click here, listen to the song and do the exercise below (= debajo). Practise pronunciation and spelling.

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